Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekly Goals

Here is my weekly goal update from last week and my new goals for this week!

Last Weeks goals:
- 4 Wii Fit workouts of at least 30 minutes each (or walking if that's what I wanna do)
- At least 64oz of water each dayProgress:
I worked out 4 days last week! 2 wii workouts of a little over 30 minutes. 2 walking workouts of approximately 45 minutes each! Yay me! I didn't do as well on my water goals. I neglect my water intake sometimes. I was in a GREAT groove before surgery, but I find it harder to drink as much lately. I was close to 64 oz. most days, but I truly need to step that up a notch!

This Weeks goals:
- 3 or 4 workouts of at least 30 minutes each
- At least 64oz of water each day
- One protein drink each day
- try a new dinner recipe

I am trying to up my protein again. I think I've slacked off on the protein drinks and could so easily add them back into my day, but haven't. I got tired of the taste for a while. I'm going to keep working on the water intake. I also want to make it important to try a new dinner recipe each week. I get bored with food and want to eat things I should not (even though I don't eat them it's still annoying to have to use the willpower to fight the cravings), so if I try new, tasty things, that should help.

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