Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Thursday Things

It's just another manic Thursday Whoa-oh-whoa!
Time for another list of things going on!
  • I was just made aware of an individual with the unfortunate name of "Lady Cox". Firstly, who names their daughter "Lady"? Isn't that a name reserved for dogs and drag queens? Secondly, she's married. I would have been like"Honey, I'm sorry, but I can't take your last name, you can see that my reputation is at stake".
  • The scale is not my friend when I am swollen and miserable. My legs have been swollen and yucky ever since I started my exercise walking. My hands are even swollen in the mornings. I hate it.
  • No breakfast this morning. Our morning was a bit of a disaster. My darling husband got the worst of it. He forgot to put the coffee pot under the coffee maker last, when the auto-timer went off this morning, the kitchen floor was drowned in Dunkin' Donuts... Poor husband, he cleaned it up like a trooper. 
  • My stomach is a growling symphony today. It's making sounds I have never heard before.
  • I will walk again tonight...even if I'm swollen and achy.
  • I can't believe it's already Thursday...I've got a lot to do this week and I'm running out of week to do it in.
  • Went grocery shopping last night because we were out of everything. My receipt was a thing of beauty. I hit a great sale AND I had $15.55 worth of manufacturers coupons. I saved almost $60. I was so proud of my frugality. :)
  • Really excited about some clothes that I'll be getting from the "My Rack to Yours" sisterhood. Jen over at What You Lookin' At Skinny is a sweetie for being so generous.
  • Today I am wearing the only outfit that I own that I actually like. Too bad I sit behind a desk all day and no one will see it. I might take a pic in the lady's room mirror and share since no one else will see me LOL ... but I'm sure it won't look as good in the pic as I feel wearing it.
  • Work just exploded, so I have to cut this short! The pile of papers on my desk ate a project and I just regurgitated it for a quick turn-around.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

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