Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Thursday Things

I thought today would be good for another list-type blog post, so here we go!

  • I enjoyed my afternoon yesterday walking around the pond at my gym and I used this really cool Android app called "My Tracks" by google. It maps your route via GPS and shows you how far you walk, your speed, and the elevation. It saves all the info and allows you to send that info to google maps. Pretty good for free! I wish it had calorie burn and pedometers built in, but for free, I'm happy with this gadget. Click on the image to see a better idea of what info it keeps up with and how it looks when you send your information to Google Maps!
  • I think today I am going to download separate phone apps that do pedometer and calorie burn stuff and see how I like them. So many great options for fitness apps that are totally free. 
  • I must have the smallest ear canals known to man because I can't get earbuds to stay in my ears to save my life. It is VERY annoying! How do people fit those monsterous things in their ears???
  • I walked for 42 minutes yesterday at an average pace of 3.13 MPH for a total of 2.3 miles. That is really good for me. I normally can't walk that fast, but I could tell that I was doing well yesterday!
  • Actually, I walked about 2.55 miles because I was tracking for the first .25 mile or so...
  • I really love my pandora radio app for my phone because I can listen to music I love while I walk.
  • I have exercised 3 DAYS in a row!
  • I actually want to exercise again tonight. This time I think I'll walk around the neighborhood so I can use my little My Tracks phone app. LOL I'm such a tech geek!
  • While I walked yesterday I kept having to hike up my exercise pants. The last time I wore them was about 55lbs ago!
  • I have a new-ish outfit on today that fits better and I sure do feel better about myself. I think some new clothes are a must for my morale. It's really important to keep yourself feeling mentally good while on a weight-loss journey.
  • I broke out of the 290's this morning and weighed in at 288!!!!!! AWESOME.
  • I weigh first thing in the A.M. because it's my truest weight. I can't wait until I'm down to 285 or so because then I know that I'll never see the 290's pop up on the scale again...
  • I am only 3lbs away from my Halloween goal and it's only October 7th.
 Ok, that is all I can think of today! I hope everyone in blog land is having a great Thursday! :)


Bonnie said...

Seems like you are rockin' the exercise. Congrats on your goal.

Justawallflower said...

Sounds like a lot of good stuff there! That is awesome that you are enjoying the exercise so much, keep it up!

andy said...

Your doing so well on the exercise! Keep it up!!! Sounds like a cool app i'll have to try it.

Ginger aka Gidget said...

Keep rockin' on! :)

For the earbuds, I have some cheapies I bought at Target that wrap around my ear and stay put. My hubby uses the Marshmallow ones where they have a soft mushie piece that you squeeze and then put into your ear like ear plugs. Those work great, too.

Mary H. said...

Ginger - I've never seen the marshmallowy kind! I need to check those out. It really drives me insane. Every 3rd step they pop right out! Grrrr :)

Drazil said...

Gawd I hate earbuds...I can never get them to stay in either. LOVE that you are working out so much - finish out the year strong!