Monday, October 25, 2010

The Monday Rundown

Hello everybody! Thanks so much for all your kind words about Saturday's post! All your support and having a group to cheer me on means the WORLD to me! :) :)

Time for a little recap of the weekend with another Monday Rundown.

  • See pic above - My Co-worker gave me a non-caloric Halloween treat today! What a great way to start a Monday!
  • It was a CRAZY busy week last week and just as busy over the weekend. Freelance and art projects ruled the weekend and are STILL not done.
  • I had BBQ this weekend and man-oh-man was it good. I ordered a small plate and I had it for dinner two nights in a row.
  • I did not exercise last week at all. I did it on purpose to see if I would feel better. I've been so achy and crappy feeling and I knew it was from the walking. It made my legs ache so bad and I was having a hard time sleeping at night since I can't take alieve. I did feel much better last week...
  • This week I'm giving myself another break from the exercise routine due to some crazy art project deadlines that I have to meet and I am also getting ready for a 80's Halloween party on Friday night.
  • Now that I'm on the cusp of the 270's I can't wait for them to get here!
  • I've been doing much better about my protein in-take the past week and I think that has attributed to my weight loss. I even had a protein shake on Saturday as an afternoon snack.


Justawallflower said...

I am seeing a trend of bandsters adding the protein and having good results! I am definitely taking note of that! I don't feel like that is a problem with me tho. Anyway, an 80's halloween? That sounds fun! Does that mean big hair or like punky bruster? Either way should b fun!

Bonnie said...

Protein, exercise and water definitely seems to be the keys to losing weight.