Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1 week to go! Liquid Diet Starts today!

This time next week I will be getting prepped for surgery! Today I began the pre-op liquid diet.

My surgeon mentioned SlimFast several times, yet he then proceeded to say that the liquids needed to be sugar-free. I got news for him - SlimFast is NOT sugar-free! But, I have my protein powder that tastes just as good. With milk it has about 40 more calories than the SlimFast, but whatever.

Yesterday I bought as many liquid things as I could think of! This is going to be SO BORING. It won't be so bad for breakfast or lunch, but dinner will SUCK. One thing that is hard is a liquid diet that isn't too sweet or too salty. Fortunately, we have artificial sweeteners, but no artificial salt! Anything that is liquid and not sweet is LOADED with sodium, it seems! I got 3 of those Campbell's soup to go things - creamy tomato, classic tomato, and cream of chicken. Who EATS these? I've never actually eaten them, but I have used them in recipes. Hopefully something with be tasty enough to help me make it through! I also have my progresso chicken noodle soup. I rarely eat the noodles, chicken, or carrots out of it anyways! The broth is just really good.

Last night I prepared "the last supper" hahaha :) I made some 3-cheese tortellini and meat-sauce. It was good without being tooooo indulgent. I didn't want to spoil everything, but I did know that it would be a while before I could have anything remotely like that again!

My surgeon says 2 weeks of liquids after sugery and then 2 weeks of mushies afte surgery. At that rate, I bet I will be half way to my first goal within the first 2 months! LOL

Monday, August 2, 2010

On My Way to "After".

Friday I went for my pre-op appointment! I was worried about making sure my BMI was within range, and I was fine! I was retaining a LOT of fluid and when I finally flushed all that out, I lost about 15lbs... No kidding. It's insane!

My surgery date was moved back two days :(

There were some conflicts and they had to rearrange some things. Instead of the 9th, I will be going in on the 11th. I will definitely be spending the night in the hospital since my surgery time isn't until 11:00am.

While I was in the office, the surgeon took my "before" photo. I was so excited. Every before photo gets an "after" photo - so let's get on with the "after" photos!

Oddly enough, my "before" photo was one of my thinnest photos in recent history! Ha!