Monday, August 2, 2010

On My Way to "After".

Friday I went for my pre-op appointment! I was worried about making sure my BMI was within range, and I was fine! I was retaining a LOT of fluid and when I finally flushed all that out, I lost about 15lbs... No kidding. It's insane!

My surgery date was moved back two days :(

There were some conflicts and they had to rearrange some things. Instead of the 9th, I will be going in on the 11th. I will definitely be spending the night in the hospital since my surgery time isn't until 11:00am.

While I was in the office, the surgeon took my "before" photo. I was so excited. Every before photo gets an "after" photo - so let's get on with the "after" photos!

Oddly enough, my "before" photo was one of my thinnest photos in recent history! Ha!

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