About Mary

My name is Mary H. and I was banded on August, 11th 2010. I am a graphic artist living in the southeastern united states. I have a wonderful, amazing, supportive and handsome husband plus 2 sweet kitty cats at home. I love to draw, paint, take photos and just about anything else that is creative. I am basically a 32 year old child who loves  to collect trinkets and toys that inspire me. I love kitschy stuff and cute stuff. I think I'm 50% nerd and 50% artist...that is probably the best way to describe my personality.

Mary & The Husband - Awesomely Cheesy Cruise Portraits :)
I love my kitties. Here is me and my girl kitty, Fiona.
I think I just turned 5 in this photo. I was a happy kid.
This is still very much my personality. Goofball :) I was 3 in this photo.