Monday, October 4, 2010

The Monday Rundown

So, I thought that today's blog post would be best served as a bulleted rundown of my weekend and thoughts, so here we go!

  • How come when you lose weight and go clothes shopping, you see a GAZILLION items that would have fit you before, but nothing that would fit you now? I saw 4x & 5x bargains GALORE, but nothing that would fit me now. Dang it :(
  • I need boots for the fall/winter and while my feet are also shrinking, I still have clown feet and I need an 11W at the very least. So, I ordered some from Jessica London online and I'm hoping that they will fit OK and be comfy. It's so hard to tell. *Le Sigh*
  • I did get a pair of work pants for $6.99 and they were size 22/24...and they were roomy because that particular style was extremely roomy. But, it still made me feel good :)
  • Food has been all around me for the last 5 or so days...I've been eating it, but only in small portions. It's been hard because some of it has been slider foods, so I could eat a lot more of it than I should. But all-in-all, my willpower is there and I think I've been handling it well all things considered. Thursday night was a banquet with a Tuscan theme, Friday I invited mom over for dinner, Sunday was my FIL's Bday, and today is a free lunch buffet with my co-workers at the Italian restaurant in the conference center here. I'm doing fine with it...still losing, but I can't wait for all the temptations to be over! 
  • I'm starting to understand that whole "I'm still a fat girl on the inside" mentality. Well, partly because I'm faaaaaar from goal weight. I mean I just started! But, everyone tells me how good I'm looking, whereas I feel better and can tell the difference, I still have a hard time seeing it sometimes...especially when picking out clothes...I have a hard time deciding what I can fit in because I haven't been this size in....maybe High School! I dunno...I didn't have a scale back then and I didn't keep up. It seems like I've been "the biggest size they carry" since I was in grade school.
  • I need to get into the exercise routine. I've been doing a lot of shopping and walking around, but I'd feel more like I was doing something productive if I at least did the wii fit a few times a week. I'm really bad about incorporating exercise. I'm hoping that the more I lose, the more I'll want to because moving will be easier on my knees.
  • I still have some incredibly annoying muscle pulls & aches/pain in my left side near the port area and back toward my back. It's like I did an oblique work-out from hell or something...
  • I updated my "about me" section with a photo of me and my wonderful husband. He is a huge part of my success and a great support. Don't judge our corny cruise's like prom pics for adults, but I love them anyways! hahaha :)
  • I added a "my journey" page at the top that tells the story of my process to get banded. It might be of interest to anyone who is still in the process of getting approved.
  • Thanks to all my new followers and for everyone's comments! I get so excited when I see someone else has followed me and comments on what I'm saying. It means a lot to me :)

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Bonnie said...

I'm far from goal to, girl, but we'll get there. I'm glad their are people giving you compliments because even if you don't believe them, they definitely feel good.