Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Thursday Things

I have had such an incredibly busy week so far, ya'll! I am farther behind on reading blogs that I have been since I started this endeavor. I really enjoy it, so I've got to catch up soon! The bad thing is that I think next week is going to be every bit as busy! I've got lots of art projects to catch up on, chores, errands, and a Halloween party to get ready for next Friday night! Eek! :)

Anyways, a few things this Thursday! I hope this doesn't sound like a big "toot my horn" post.
  • I got called a "skinny minnie" today! hahaha I am wearing clothes that actually fit today and my coworkers were all like "Wow, you can really see the difference!". Makes me wanna go buy more clothes that fit right! :)
  • I forgot to mention something my doctor said yesterday when I was getting my fill. He asked me if I avoided water after eating and I told him truthfully that Yes, I did except for occasionally when I eat out, there is water on the table and I forget and take a sip or two...Not a lot, but I do take some sips. He told me that he would rather than I drank water up until my very first bite of food than to drink anything at all afterwards. So, I know that some of you had brought up the drinking while eating thing and so I thought I would share that tidbit.
  • I was shopping the other day and ran into a really sweet lady that works upstairs in my building. She used to work across the hall from my husband and she said "Oh, you look so good! What have you been doing?" I told her that I had been moderating and walking. Which is true. :) It feels so good when people notice.
  • The lady that does custodial services on our floor (another super sweet lady) told my coworkers that she was amazed at how I was looking lately. My coworkers (the ones that know), of course, told me... :) They are such a supportive bunch.
  • I seriously think that I might have to go out and buy a pair of these pants in another color. If I'm going to be going to all this work to lose weight, then I want to LOOK like it, right? Why go around and wear baggy-arse pants all the time and feel frumpy? It's feeling like I look good that really makes me want to continue doing well and staying on track, so I guess I should look at it as part of it all and just shell out some money for pants. At least a COUPLE of things...not a whole new wardrobe.
Anywho, I've gotta run to a meeting now, so the busy week continues! I hope all is well in bloggy land! I hope to catch back up soon!


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing the water info. I'm still battling that demon. :)

I say go buy another pair of pants. You go girl!!!

Drazil said...

YES for the skinny minny comment!

Justawallflower said...

girl, toot away! You definitely deserve it!

Read said...

I love the skinny minny comment and yes I totally think you should buy the same pants in a different color. If you find something that works, go for it!!

Annie said...

YAY! You go girl!

Sam said...

There is nothing better than tooting your own horn once in a while :-)

Congratulaions on all these great victories!!!!!!

Christine said...

Isn't it weird when people ask you how you've lost weight? It's like...well...weight loss surgery, but that seems like such a cop-out answer doesn't it? Like you're not putting out any REAL effort into losing weight? But of course you ARE! I am always torn about whether I should answer "I watch what I eat and exercise" or to answer "weight loss surgery." The real answer is: Both!!