Monday, October 11, 2010

The Monday Rundown

This is a great kind of post for a Monday morning. I also posted my weekly goals and my goal update from last week!  Hello and thanks to my new followers lena and read! Welcome!
I added some more photos to the about me page!
  • Still losing! I am down another 2lbs this morning, so I'm at 286 today! YAY! I can't believe my eyes sometimes.
  • I am only 1lb away from my OH goal of 285 by Halloween.
  • I am 6lbs away from a total loss of 100lbs since my highest weight in '06/'07. TRULY AMAZING.
  • Saturday I had a GREAT time with my husband. We went to two of those giant antique store/ flea mall places where they mostly have antiques and collectables. I have an awesome husband. How many guys would go to these places with their wives and have fun? My husband has a degree in history and loves historical collectibles, so while I'm scoping out vintage kitchen, vintage kitsch ceramics and vintage children's books he's looking at old magazines and historical artifacts too. It's really fun - it's like going to a museum, really!
  • I hit the JACKPOT and found tons and tons of vintage children's books. I got a big stack and only paid $25 for the lot. Some are not in great shape, but as long as I can read the story and see the illustrations, that is all that matters. Didn't pay over $2 for any of them. I got one from 1940 for only $0.49!
  • Saturday morning Patrick hit he gym and I walked around the outside track...THEN we walked around these enourmous antique malls. We were on our feet all day.
  • Normally being on my feet that long would have KILLED me. I would have been unable to do anything after the workout and certainly wouldn't have been able to walk around TWO of those giant places. My legs were tired by the end of the day, but I was not miserable. Pre-lapband, there is NO WAY I would have been able to do all that in one day. It was such a great feeling.
  • I am so amazed at how great I feel these days. The difference that losing this weight has made is amazing. My eight-month-old boy cat weighs 9lbs and when I pick him up I think OMG, he's so heavy...then I think about how much weight I have lost...How did I do it? How did I walk? If I feel so awesome now, what will it be like 100lbs from NOW? Crazy...
I hope you all have a great week out on Blogland! I'm ready to start this week out on the right foot! :)


Justawallflower said...

I know everyone is not a biggest loser fan, but my favorite episode of the season is always at the end when they have the one challenge where they put the weight back on, either in the form of a fat suit, or weights around the waste, or what ever. I love that show, because it really shows you how far you've come. That is so wonderful for you, I know hitting goals is what keeps us motivated. And great finds at the flea market as well!

Ginger aka Gidget said...

I agree with Justawallflower - I love that episode where they have to put it back on. I keep thinking about that every time I lift my 4 year old who is 36 lbs. I am always like "you're too heavy for me to carry' and then I realize I have lost one and a half of her. It's crazy!

And vintage kitch - YUMMY! I love me a good antique/thrift store.

Falon said...

Awesome progress!