Friday, September 3, 2010

Wii Fit Workouts & Soreness!

Wednesday I stepped on my Wii fit for the first time since I weighed under the Wii Fit's weight limit of 330lbs. Believe me, it's a pain in the butt to try to use the Wii Fit if you weight too much. It flat out won't let you! I had to bend over and lean on the board with my hands so that it was only registering partial body weight. Then, the weight is different everytime, so it slows it all down.

Wednesday: 30 minutes of advanced step & then I did the Hula Hooping activity for fun along with some of the strength exercises just to see if I could do them. I had a hard time with those!

Thursday: 20 minutes of advanced step & then 20 minutes of free step (The Wii Remote acts like a counter and you step to the rhythm, but you can watch TV instead of having to have the Wii screen up!). A total of 40 minutes of stepping ... over 2,000 steps and 330 calories burned.

Not bad! I may should have skipped the Hula Hooping activity on Wednesday because I had (and still have) some abdominal soreness that is kind of annoying me and concerning me a little. It makes you twist around too much, so I should have just skipped that until a few weeks down the road.

Hopefully the soreness is just from the activity in general...yesterday after the 40 minute workout, I did have a little nausea, so today I'm going to skip it since I'm going to have a long weekend of walking around ahead of me.

My legs are SO SORE. I miss Aleve! It's the only thing that really nips it in the bud and I can't take it. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I was so achy everywhere. My legs are still in major pain today too....and I have the same abdominal soreness and tenderness :(

The soreness is understandable, but the tenderness worries me a little...

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