Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sparkle & Fade :(

Last week was my first fill. 6 days ago. 144 short hours ago...

I felt it when I got it. But it's like the magic is gone already.
I can eat what I was eating before. I didn't have physical hunger before my fill because I was eating just enough to prevent that so I wouldn't snack (not anything like a pre-band portion mind you, but a little more than the recommended amount). Now, I'm still eating about the same. I see no real difference. I was so excited to have that feeling like I was finally getting this tool in working order. And now that excitement is fading so quickly.

And, If I'm listening to my body right like I think I am...I almost-kinda-sorta feel more hungry in between meals now than I did before the fill? Well, that's no good! Did my fill lose it's mojo that fast?

What gives? I've got 4 more weeks before my next fill.

It's also my TOM. Which sucks beyond belief. I'm hoping that this TOM doesn't last as long as the last one I had right after surgery...which was 21 days. That was pure misery I tell you - torture of the highest degree in lady-dom.


Justawallflower said...

I am so sorry to hear about how hard it has been for you! Do you have to wait four weeks, or can you call the doc before then and see if there is anything they can do? I hope it isn't to horrible for you. Just remember, it will get better (or so I read), and don't give up on yourself. Best of luck to you!

Bonnie said...

This is totally normal so don't freak. It takes a few fills to get consistent restriction. I was lucky in that my doc let me come in every 2 weeks. I would definitely check to see if you can come in sooner than a month. Be nice, but firm.

Canadian Bird said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for your comment on my blog that led me to find you!
Regarding your hunger... 2 good reasons for that, so worry not, you're NORMAL!

#1 - Initial restriction (swelling post-fill) goes down & your pouch is now smaller than it was prior to the fill, so it holds less food & therefore you could be eating slightly less, & once it empties, you're hungry sooner.

#2 - Your TOM! That will totally mess up your hormones & make you more hungry. Some people even get tighter during their TOM. Everyone's different. Now, the fact that your TOM lasts so LONG is a bummer. That's something that definitely needs to be looked into (as I'm sure you are).

Hang in there! You should be proud of the progress you've made so far... you're moving right along!!!

Robin at Band on the Run

Seeing in colour said...

I know what its like to have long TOM but i have finally gotten that sorted... its so frustrating and depressing.

Its hard with the fills... i suffer from the same thing, the first few days are ultimatley AWESOME i feel restriction and dont want to eat much at all and thena week or 2 later im back to same ole same ole which is eating pretty much like normal. I have learnt to kind of accept this and realise that i need to put more into what im doing like more exercise and watch what im eating more as its my own fault if im creating enough control.
I always tell myself its just a tool helping me in the path to a skinnier me!

Nkara said...

it takes some time. I didn't feel good restriction till fill number 4 or 5? I forget now. But I have 5.5 in mine now. I've been feeling good. Just the right amount for me. I cancelled the last appointment I had with the doctor because I feel fine. Just take some time.. you don't want to crash into restriction and be too tight. :)

The Babbling Bandit said...

Sorry to hear your fill restriction hasn't lasted, hopefully the next one will be the one. V.

Ginger aka Gidget said...

I'm having the same problem. I think that the fill mojo comes and goes. I'm at 7.3 in a 10 cc band and sometimes I have great restriction and other times I feel like a big drain hole. It'll get there. :)

Mary H. said...

I hope ya'll see my comments back to you guys. Thanks for ALL the support. I really appreciate it. I think that TOM is evil and implants evil thoughts in our heads...feeling all bloated and hungry makes you feel instantly sabotaged.

If this doesn't get any better after TOM, I might see if I can up my appt. by a week or two. I bet they would let me if I asked and explained.

Canadian Bird - thanks for being rational when I can be! You are right...this is a bad time to be judging the fill effects. I was TOMing when I got it done and still am. My TOM has been evil since the surgery.

I'm also glad to see that others have had the same experience. Makes me feel better because I can see it working for ya'll despite this feeling, so I know it'll still work for me too if I let it! :)