Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First Fill

My first fill went really well! For any newbies or pre-op folks out there who might want to know, I'll give a few details about how my Surgeon's office did my fill.

It was a pretty easy process. While I was laying down, he found my port, marked it, and then gave me a numbing shot. The needle that connects to the port to make the fill, is a little menacing looking, but I didn't feel a thing! I didn't even feel any odd sensations. I couldn't tell that I was having liquid added.

Still laying down, he make the connection with the port - he found it the first time, no problem and didn't have to have x-ray assistance. He pulled a little of the blue dyed saline out of the port showing me that he had hit the right spot and then injected the solution. I think he tried 4 or 5cc's initially, but I'm not really sure.

He had me sit up, fill needle still in place, and drink water. I was too tight at first. The swallows were hard and I got some gurgling before it would go down. He took some out and I tried it again. That went down smooth. He then added some more and I tried again - that went down smoothly too, so that is where I stayed. 3.5cc was my first fill size.

Like he told me, everyone is different, so you shouldn't compare fill sizes with others! What may be hard for me may be easy for another. It's not the size that matters, it's the way it works for you! ha!

I can tell the difference. It's very similar to the sensation I experienced when I first got home from the hospital. It feels a little bit like I have a lump in my throat. But liquids go down without any problem. My abdomen is a little sore and the port area too. Partly because of all the mashing he does to find it and check the positioning of everything!

I'm on liquids for the rest of today, pureed tomorrow and solids again by Saturday. It almost feels like I'm going to have to re-evaluate everything I eat again to see how it goes down with this level of restriction. I've been good about chewing, but now is when it will start to matter even more.

My stomach is growling something fierce! Time to get home and get some jello :)

*note* 9-24-10
That "lump in my throat" feeling is gone as of the next morning. Just thought I would throw that in for a little FYI this morning!

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Justawallflower said...

thanks for the run down on how it works! It is nice to know that it is different for everyone, so that when it is me I won't be comparing myself to so and so. Thanks for that! Best of luck!