Monday, September 13, 2010

Food Dreams

I am being haunted by food.

I've had SEVERAL dreams where foods have been taunting me. I guess the good news is that even in my dreams, I have really amazing will power. I'll share a couple of my outlandish food nightmares with you:

Dream One
A couple of co-workers and I were on a business trip and the only place we could get breakfast was this crazy $1 food store. It was like a Dollar Tree, but all groceries with a cafe. Well, everything in there was really bad for you! Lots of danish and breakfast sweets & breads. Not one piece of fruit to be seen! Someone picked up this giant sweet roll and that is what they were going to get...I was like "That looks tasty, but I can't eat that! What am I going to do?"... I began looking for protein. I found these crispy bacon strips with a maple glaze and toasted coconut sprinkles...Not good. [Side note: If I had had this dream before the band,I would have totally tried this...somehow it sounds very interesting in a gourmet sort of way!] In the end, I left the shop and went hungry rather than putting something into my body that would be so bad for me.
Obviously food choices have become a major issue after surgery. I think this dream came from my thoughts about how 90% of consumer's food options are very bad for us, have huge portions, and are marketed to us as a good "value" because they are huge and cheap!

Dream Two
I was at this huge gathering of people. I think we were traveling on a boat. A big family had taken it upon themselves to do a lot of cooking and share it with everyone. I was in charge of cleaning up and they had a lot of leftovers. The one thing they had the most of was desserts. There was this huge pile of baked goods (brownies, fudge, cookies) that had to be moved to the kitchen. I had to remove each item one by one and put it all in a air-tight container...I can remember that I wanted to eat one so badly, but I wouldn't even lick the chocolate off my fingers. Then, to make matters worse, someone decided that they didn't want the desserts in the container that I had put them in, so I had to transfer them AGAIN. It was like torture, but I was strong and did not eat any of them!
I think this is a testament to my commitment to this new lifestyle. It's like my brain, even when asleep, is trying to constantly test me and reassure me that I have will power. I am always afraid that I will lose that will power after the "honeymoon" phase of this is over. But, as long as I am loosing, that is when it's fun. When I see progress, I feel empowered to continue on.

I had another food dream last night and I can't remember what it was! Do any of you dream about food? I NEVER used to dream about food before. I think it's just because so much apart of my life now. I am sure as time progresses, I will be able to stop focusing so much on it and just live my life. The choices will come easier and I won't be analyzing every nutrition detail later on. I think this is all a part of the process!


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