Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nervous & Excited - My first fill tomorrow.

I got my reminder call from my Surgeon's office. No solid food 2 hours before my appointment so he definitely plans to give me a fill. He was kind of vague about it before. Probably because he doesn't want people thinking they will get a fill and then it turns out that they aren't healed enough, or he doesn't think they need one yet. I guess there is a possibility that I won't get one, but I'm guessing it's time! I wonder how much he'll put into my 14cc band? I've got a big one! I'm ready to rock the band!

I have to admit that I am a little freaked out and I haven't been able to mush my belly too much to feel of my port because it still freaks me out to FEEL something under my skin. So, the idea of a needle probing me also freaks me out. LOL It's not the pain, it's the odd sensation that I'm not looking forward to. But, I'll make it through - all of you do, so I will too!


Bonnie said...

It's really a piece of cake. Just clothes your eyes and you won't even know it's in.

Sam said...

It is more weird than anything else. It will be over before you know it.