Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday BYOC - Bring Your Own Craziness

1. Last week we asked your favorite thing about being an adult. This week the question is: what is one thing you miss about being a child?
The pure elation that I got from pouring over the Sears Christmas Catalog. I kept several of those from years past in my bedroom at all times. I would sit on my bed and look at every single page and dream about what it would be like to go on a toy shopping spree! LOL

2. When you make a serious life decision – do you use your head or your heart?
I use both. I'm a pretty practical person, so I rarely make a decision that is ALL head or ALL heart. And if it's a SERIOUS decision, then it's something my husband would have to weigh in on as well. I have known to make some purchases on a whim though!

3. In relation to blogs….are you a never commenter, a sometimes commenter, an almost always commenter or a direct emailer kinda person?
I'm a sometimes a commenter kind of person. I won't comment unless I really feel like I have something to add the conversation. I will comment if I want to thank them for sharing the information as well.

4. If life was a flavor – would it be savory, sweet or sour?

Definitely sweet! I love my life!

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in life or in blogland.

Well, in blogland, I have started this blog and I am enjoying it very much! Hopefully others will read along and I can add something to the group of Lap Band bloggers out there!

In life, this week has gone by so quickly! I can't even remember Monday. The most amusing thing of the week is probably my crazy cat Friday...on Tuesday morning he ate a Breathright® strip out of the garbage can and later that day fell into the toilet. He's a wacky little guy! The best news of the week is probably my 3lb weight loss! Yay! :) This weekend I'm going to have to buckle down at home and work on a freelance job. Yay for extra money! Boo for an entire Saturday spent in front of the computer :(


Drazil said...

Hi - thanks for the comment on my blog. Much appreciated. Happy to be following you too! Love your answers.

Justawallflower said...

Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about the sears catalogs! Dog earing the pages with our treasures on it! I would spend hours looking through them!

That is also hilarious about your cat! Hope he was ok.

Sam said...

Welcome to Blogland. Love your ansswers on the BYOC:)