Monday, March 21, 2011

When will the soreness end?

Last week's exercise
Monday: 70 minutes walking
Tuesday: 45 minutes walking
Wednesday: 15 minutes wii (Gold's Gym Dance Workout) / 45 minutes walking
Thursday: 40 minutes wii fit stepping
Friday: 35 minutes eliptical / 20 minutes walking / 3 weight stations
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: Spring cleaning training (did nothing but clean the house for like 10 hours straight!)
Total: 4.5 hours cardio (don't worry, I didn't count the cleaning, but I know it was worth something!)

When will the soreness end? My legs and feet are KILLING me. I had to take a rest day Saturday and Sunday I made myself clean the house even though I felt like crap...I just kept going because I thought that is what you are supposed to do: soldier on. However, I'd really like to know when I will feel better.

I am still all swollen and crappy feeling and I'm beginning to doubt the benefits of all this. It's really REALLY depressing. I am going to cancel my doctor's appointment on Wednesday because I can't go back to him if the scale hasn't moved. This is just stupid. All this hard work and nothing but weight gain. It's not like I've been training to be a body builder...this has all been cardio, so I don't buy the whole "muscle" thing...I've been writing down all my food and I know that I'm burning more than I'm consuming.

Friday I tried something new for me, the eliptical. I was never quite coordinated enough before to get a handle on it, but I tried it Friday and's nice. I was always told how easy on the knees it is, but I never really knew until I tried it myself. It's like gliding! I really liked it and it burns some serious calories. I'll have to add that into my routine!

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KLRogers said...

Maybe it would help if you had a deep tissue massage? At one time I went from 288 to 180 and after that loss i found that massage help relax my muscles from their fat placement. My muscles were used to me at 299 but not at 180. I think it helped tremendously!