Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trying to Formulate an Exercise Plan

Unused Resources
After yesterday's post, I looked at my gym's website and realized that I am not utilizing the best resource I have. I have many classes that I could participate in including water aerobics and Zumba. There is also a steam room, all kinds of machines, weights, and TVs hooked to everything. I should be using that to incorporate some variety despite the inconvenience.

I used to do water aerobics and really did enjoy it until, believe it or not, it began to hurt my knees. I should try the Zumba class too - I hear it's really crowded, but I just need to deal with it and get in there!

I think before I even think about a personal trainer (which is pretty expensive at my gym) I need to figure out how to make moving around fun for me. Maybe down the road, when I am a few pounds lighter, I can think about a trainer who can help me make sure I'm taking care of more than just my cardio.

My Plan
Over the next 2 weeks, I'm going to experiment with some different fun things like water aerobics, zumba, the gold's Gym dance workout for the wii that I have, and whenever daylight savings kicks in the park, and outdoor things. I'm going to try different activities and different routines (like taking workout clothes to work and walking around campus immediately after work). Maybe even see if I can wrangle up a buddy at work to do it too.

This is also going to help me find my "zone"- the place where I am pushing myself to work hard, but not pushing my knees so hard that I'm in pain. It's been so long since my knees have felt this good that I don't know what I am capable of anymore. I know I feel MUCH better, but I need to use these knees now that they have had a load taken off them.

After my experimental 2 week period, I'll formulate a weekly plan that includes 2 days where I do something other than the Wii workout at home. And my wii workout can vary to include the stepping and the Gold's Gym dance game I have. The good thing is, on rainy days or days when a plan falls through, I have a backup of the Wii at home.

I'll report my findings here! Thanks for everyone's input on my last post! Wish me luck ;) !


Bonnie said...

Exercise has definitely helped take me to a different level. It's great you have so many choices of classes.

KLRogers said...

My new nutritionist has suggested that I try Tai Chi. She said it was great low impact stretching and exercise

Beth Ann said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of the classes! Sounds fun!

-Grace- said...

Good luck! Sounds like a good plan!