Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Exercise Upate - Sore Toe - Liquid Advil - Restriction!

Exercise Update
Walked for 45 minutes yesterday at the same track. I did four 100ft sprints where I ran a little. I felt so strange...I looked around to make sure no one was watching and took off as best as I could. No knee issues from it, so I guess it's ok! Granted, I feel like 100 tons of stupid because I don't know how I look when I run, but it feels nice to amp it up for just a little stretch because it gets my heart-rate up. I did see my shadow one time and I don't think I look as stupid as I feel.

Sore Toe
My 2nd toe on both feet is much longer than my other toes. On my right foot, my toe is SO bruised. My toenail is purple. My right foot is never fit it the same way as my left. I think my toe actually scrapes the front of my size ELEVEN shoe and that is causing the bruising. I hate having long feet. I'm only 5'5"... I hate how I look with shorts/capris and bulky sneakers on. It's total clown shoes. Maybe I need <--- these for my freakishly long toes? :)

Liquid Advil
Do any of you take liquid advil (childrens) or Advil Liqui-gels on a regular basis? Cramps and soreness pulled me over the edge and I bought some Children's liquid advil. Tylenol just doesn't work as well. I would only need it a few times during one week a month and I follow it with quite a lot of water to wash it down. Surely this couldn't be a problem. For every other ache/pain I use tylenol. I know some doctors allow the liqui-gel tablets...I'll have to inquire on my next appointment.

After my last fill, I didn't feel much, but now it's like it's starting to finally kick in. Thank goodness. I was told and ready several times that good restriction doesn't normally come until around 6 months. I know that's just how it goes, but when you go for so long not having much and then you have it, you almost have to re-teach yourself some things. I have had to slow down more lately because I'll fill up quicker than I used to and end up being all slimey. Yuck. But, I'm SO glad to have the limitations again. I "pigged out" yesterday because I went to Earth Fare to try to find whole wheat orzo and ended up buying some snacks instead. Ugh. 1/2 scoop of dark chocolate covered raisins from the bulk bin and these Valdosta Pecans are HEAVEN. I ate all the raisins and half the bag of Peacans yesterday and still my daily calorie count was only 1,650. Thank you, band!


Beth Ann said...

I'm 5'5" and wear 10 or 10.5. I totally know what you mean about the clown feet. I hate it when I have to wear sneakers with capris or shorts!!

Justawallflower said...

I do NOT wear tennies unless I'm working out or at work. I also have size 11's and one pair of my 11's are really too small. My toes also feel bruised. I was really hoping with weight loss I might lose a half a size or more, I hear this happens to some.....

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I have taken a Liquid gel Advil before, and didn't have any problems, but I took it when I wasn't super tight, I wouldn't do it if I thought it would sit in my stoma. I think you should go up a half size if your toe is being bruised, that sounds painful. I am a firm beleiver in well fitting shoes, who cares how big your feet look, comfort is the KING!

Dizzy Girl said...

Girl that is so sad to hear about your toe...have you seen a doctor about it? I wonder what you can do to help it? Makes working out that much worse...Ugh I'm sorry.

DON'T TAKE A RECOVERY DAY!!! I know you won't, but I just read your comment on my blog. I am exhausted too- but this is when it really makes the difference for us- when we push when we're tired. We HAVE to keep trucking right now! A recovery day for either of us might derail us- or it will me, for sure. WE CAN DO THIS!!! I love us- for pushing so hard when it's so hard to push. :)

I hope you have a great day today!!!