Monday, March 14, 2011

My Exercise Plan Report: Days 4-6

Amy W - you are badass all on your own! :) And you commented on my blog...I might faint ;) hahaha 

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading my updates and supporting me with comments-I wish there was a way to directly reply to each of you. I'm so glad to have a community of folks who understand! You all rock!

This is really working. I did 5 days of some kind of exercise (workouts varied from 25 min - 1 hour) and I lost 5lbs this week. I was/am flabbergasted. It's about time I saw that scale move again. I'm REALLY excited! I know I can't expect this much every week, but man, it really is a motivator!

My Weekend/Shoe Review
Over the weekend I had one really good workout and the rest of the weekend was spent catching up and running errands. Saturday I walked about 2 or 2.5 miles with my new, rocker-bottom shoes on. I LOVED the shape of those shoes - makes a BIG difference. At first, it was hard to get used to walking in them and my feet were cramping a little, but after the first mile, I didn't even notice the difference. The sole absorbs a lot of the shock in each step not only because the sole is so thick, but the shape helps that too. However, I do not recommend the Wal*mart Danskin version - I am going to return mine. They are already falling apart. The eyelets are almost completely stretched out/broken from having tied my shoes. I didn't even tie them that tight. I wasn't expecting them to be that good, but I thought they'd be a little better than that!

These shoes rock!

On Sunday I went out to get a pair of Sketcher Shape-Ups, but I couldn't find them in my size! I have to have an 11, Wide if possible, but lately Mediums seem to fit just fine. So, I was bummed that I couldn't find any! I did find another pair of Sketchers fitness shoes though. They are called Sketchers Ultra fit Shape-ups Toners and they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever put on my feet. They have little balance balls on the bottom of the shoe so that you are constantly having to use your muscles to control your balance. But, it's SO comfortable. I highly recommend them. They are pretty too! Black with silver and hot pink - just my style!

I am still planning on buying myself some of the rocker-bottom Sketchers though - they really do improve your walk. They make you feel like you can walk faster and they really are good on the knees. AND, I can they they really WORK because muscles that are not normally sore were really sore. My butt and the muscles right under my butt on my leg in the back were really sore the next day. They do what they say they do!

The Week Ahead
Tonight I'm going on my first walk with the new shoes. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see how far I can do. It feels so effortless with the right shoes! Aunt flo is in town, so water aerobics will have to wait. I know the commercials show you how women can do everything they normally do when Aunt F. is in town (and do it with White pants on), but I just don't roll that way - too much hassle. I think while the weather is so awesome, I'll take a break from my wii and walk until I get bored with it!

Next week I've set up a walking buddy schedule so that some of the girls from work and I will walk right after work on Monday. The campus around here is very hilly and will be a good workout!

I'm optimistic that maybe I can at least shed 3 more lbs this week! I'm ready for it! BRING IT! ;)


Bonnie said...

5 lbs in a week is freaking awesome. Working out is helping me too. Thanks for shoe review.

Beth Ann said...

You are doing SO amazing!!

Sam said...

Congrats on a great loss and a great week of exercise. You are doing fantasticly :o)

Isn't it great when the ledgends of blog world comment on your blog. That make us feel like part of the 'IN' crowd :p I never had that in school!!

Justawallflower said...

You are doing so great! And I can feel your energy through your posts lately! Keep it up!