Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exercise Update

Walking maniac!
Last night I walked for 70 minutes. I did 11.5 laps around the outside track at our gym. I wish I could get an accurate distance for the track. I got two different answers from gym employees and my GPS says something different too. But, I think the time spent walking is more important than the distance. I'm not really all that sore today and my feet don't hurt! That's amazing.

New Shoes
The new shoes were really comfortable! I still want the other type with the rocker-bottom though. I think that having both kind and switching it up would be a good idea! 

I might walk again, but maybe a light night of Wii fit or I might go to the gym and try some indoor activities. Depends on the weather. Right now its pretty gloomy and wet out there!


Beth Ann said...

70 minutes is crazy long! Good for you!!

Bonnie said...

I agree that the time you spend working out and the level of effort are the most important things. Great job!

Dizzy Girl said...

Way to kick ass on the track girl!!!