Thursday, March 24, 2011

Energy-In/Energy-Out - Skechers! - Rest

I got my new Skecher Shape-Ups today and the literature in the box was actually interesting. Have you ever heard of the Basal Energy Expenditure? It's the calculation of how many units of energy your body needs to function - this includes heart beating, breathing, digesting food, etc.  I googled it, and it's also known as Total Energy Expenditure (Basal was probably the guy who first came up with the equation or something).

Anywho, I did find this REALLY awesome Total Energery Expenditure calculator that will give you an idea of how many calories your body requires to function based on your sex, age, height and weight. Then, if you estimate your average daily activities, it will tell you how much you burn in addition to the energy it takes for involuntary functions of the body. It's pretty cool because it can help you figure out how you use your day - even down to sitting/sleeping.

The other calculator I found can be used as a second step. It's a Weight Loss calculator. Just enter the total energy expenditure from the first calculator, then enter the average number of calories you take in per day and it will give you a weekly and monthly approximate of what you can expect to lose.

This is the kind of information that I feel is good to know about your individual needs. And, for me, it helps me see that progress is possible and that there is a scientific method behind weight loss/gain. If you use the science to your advantage, then you you can help yourself set goals and tweak your routine and food plans to maximize your efforts. Granted, this energy-in/energy-out method for weight loss isn't the only factors. I think that some people are more affected by fat/carb in-take than others, so that is another thing to be mindful of. But, all-in-all, I think these are the best weight loss calculators I have found online! You should check them out.

My new shoes have arrived. My 11W Skecher Shape-Ups are the BOMB-diggity. I love them already. My poor little bruised toe is happy as a clam and has lots of room to wiggle around. They make me feel like an Amazon though - I tower over all my short co-workers when I add 2" (maybe 2.5"). But, for being a large shoe, both in size and in style, they really don't make my feet look too big. I think having the wide width helps. They really absorb the shock of walking too. I can't wait to try these puppies out!

I have taken the last 4 days off from the gym and I'm glad that I did. My body is started to unswell and feel better. My weight is going down again as well - back to what I was before I began my routine. Maybe I've been over-doing it? I a trying to find what works best for me and I think that maybe I need to think about low-impact and shorter durations until I loose some more weight. I think that I get all gung-ho and walk for 70 minutes and end up just hurting myself because I feel miserable. This morning was the first morning I've woken up feeling rested and without so many body aches! I think today I am ready to do something though...I'm not sure what. Maybe a walk with my new shoes, but I won't walk for more than 45 minutes.


-Grace- said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Band Geek said...

Nice shoes! I am a supporter of taking things little by little. If you go all gung-ho, it might be too much and you'll end up hurting yourself (sounds like you already did to an extent) and/or discouraging yourself.

Debi said...

Hi Mary!!

I am your newest Follower! I have been wanting to try those sneakers too! Let us know how well they work for you!


Anonymous said...

Nice shows. Do they make you feel off balance at all?
New Follower.