Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Exercise Plan Report: Day 1

Thanks for all the support and commentary on my post yesterday. As promised, here is an update!

My test run with Zumba
I haven't gone to a class yet, but I went home last night and used the wii to bring up this YouTube video of an acutal Zumba class to see if I could follow along. Talk about discouraging. I could have cried. I suck. I just stood there with my jaw open trying to figure out what the hell to do. I couldn't get what was going on fast enough before they switched and some of the moves are just too hoppy for me and my knees. Plus, my feet don't slide across the floor with shoes on like these people's feet do. I guess it's because of the weight? But, I don't want to exercise in sock-feet. So, I brought up another video on YouTube that must be from the at home instructional DVD or something. It shows you a few moves slowly. I did better, but I still wasn't getting it. Maybe it was just because I was already feeling so defeated. Never-the-less, I really could have cried. Ugh. I wanna do the Zumba tho! It looks like fun, but I suck. :(

Back to Wii Fit
So, after sitting there feeling totally defeated for a while I got up  finally made it through 46 minutes of stepping. Only 10 of those were on the high step because my legs were all crampy yesterday for some reason.

Some New Gear
After my Wal*Mart Vision Center© appointment this morning, I found myself some new workout pants to replace all my old giant ones that don't fit anymore.  It's so hot here that I have to have capri-style. They only had those in the Misses sizes, but I held up a XL and it looked larger than an XL, tried it on and Lo & Behold they fit better than the 1X womens sized Danskins pants I tried on. Strange, huh? I also got these Danskin shoes for $25. I had been wanting to try the Sketchers, but they are so expensive! These fit really well and even though they are made with cheaper materials, they will last as long as I need them too. They are super cushioned and I like the way they just roll through when you step. Looking forward to trying them out on a walk! I got two pairs of capris, one shirt, and some shoes - I feel like it was $58.32 well spent. The next thing I need is a new water aerobics bathing suit!

Today's Plan
Since it's raining today, it'll have to be Wii at home or maybe a venture back to the gym if it's not stormy! If I stay at home with the wii, I plan to get out my Gold's Gym Dance game and give that another try too.


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Good for you! I'm scared of Zumba too, I hated aerobics back in the day, because I couldn't get the moves down. Keep us posted.

Bonnie said...

Zumba is crazy. I've been to a couple of classes and very few people know what they are doing. I just try to move in the general direction of the teacher. I think I prefer step.

Beth Ann said...

From what I can tell Zumba is all about keeping moving. There isn't a real focus on technique so you can just let go and dance and groove. Of course, if you aren't the dancing/grooving type (like me!) it can be a little overwhelming. Keep will find something you like and eventually you will venture into a Zumba class!

Band Geek said...

If you like music and having fun, Zumba is a great place to be! The Zumba classes I've been to were filled with people of all different sizes, ages, and skill levels. It's just so fun! I really recommend you try it in person! If there's a good instructor, they'll be happy to show lower impact modifications for the moves, also!

I love the shape-ups! I got some at the Sketchers outlet (but I'm not so sure I saved much on them... they were still $65 dollars). They are so soft and cusiony! Hope you have fun in them! It does sound like you had a good shopping trip!