Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weighing in AFTER Excercise - Bloodwork - HEAVY

Weigh-ins AFTER Workouts
Have you ever weighed yourself AFTER a workout and it be like 2lbs lighter? It seems to be like that for me EVERY time. I guess it's fluid loss from sweating? I mean, because my knees are still in "recovery", I've been doing Wii Fit stepping, I'm sweating, sure, but not like TONS.

Last night after 45 minutes of stepping, I re-weighed in and saw 269 and even though it was probably a "false" weight because I had dehydrated a little from the excercise, it was AWESOME to see that 70's go away. So, I use it as a motivation method even if it's not totally accurate! Wrong? Maybe, but whatever floats my fat boat down the river...ya gotta do what ya gotta do to play with your own mind sometimes, right? hahaha

I had my surgery in August and I haven't had any bloodwork done to check my vitamin levels or anything like that. Isn't it pretty standard? I have been a BAD girl about taking vitamins. I feel OK. I might need to get back on my Vitamin B's...that could help with fatigue, but I've been busy lately too, so it could be natural. I need to ask my surgeon about it tomorrow when I go for my check-in with him.

I have watched two episodes of A&E's new series "HEAVY". I am not a fan of The Biggest Loser, but enjoyed "Too Fat for Fifteen" very much. I like the shows that show realistic goals and help. A&E's show is pretty good. They don't yell TOO much and there isn't TOO much drama. I watch episodes on my cable's on-demand feature while I do my Wii Fit stepping and I find it motivating.  And, maybe it's crazy, but seeing a 500lb person on TV helps me see the thinner person I have become in the mirror. Not that I was ever 500lbs, but I sometimes saw myself as just as big as those people and now I see that I never could have looked like that and that I don't look like that now. It puts things into perspective for me.

I watch with a heavy heart though because some of these folks have a lot of issues. I find that the parts where they deal with a therapist is helpful to watch as well. When they talk more about the emotions and why they eat, I can identify with them to some degree.

It's worth a watch! Check out some full episodes on A&E's website.


Beth Ann said...

I almost always weigh a couple pounds lighter after working out and I totally weigh myself on purpose during those times if I can! :) As long as I don't get made when it pops back up a bit after I'm hydrated, I don't see the harm. Sometimes those numbers can have a big hold on us!

I'm enjoying the show Heavy as well.

Bonnie said...

I think using the weigh ins as motivation is a great idea. I've never weighed myself after working out before, but maybe I'll give it a try.

Mandy said...

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